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Systemic Couple and Family Psychotherapist


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I am a qualified Systemic psychotherapist (also known as family therapist) who works with clients currently online. I have twenty-five years of working with children and families, within social care and therapeutic environments. I work with diverse issues and have extensive experience with dysfunctional relationships. I have experience of working diverse communities with complex needs within social care, private practice and/ or for NHS. I create a safe, non- judgemental environment for clients and help them through cycles of negative interaction to bring their relationship. The aim is to secure, more attached and less conflicted place where resources and strength can be recognised and built on. Issues I work with: • Communication difficulties • Child and Adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). • Voluntary work with Individuals, children and families living with HIV • Separation, infidelity, divorce and co-parenting. • Young people with mental health issues. • Difficulties during adolescence, child behaviour difficulties. • Parenting children with challenging behaviour. • Domestic violence in families and / or male who experience domestic violence. Working within these various environments embracing a number of roles, has been a significant contribution to the person and professional I am today. My training in (Systemic and Family Psychotherapy) enables me to provide, co –create a space in which we can together, explore and talk together about difficult issues and work towards sustainable change. The difference that makes the difference. As a systemic psychotherapist, I focus on relationships. I also work collaboratively, which means I see therapy as partnership in which we work together at overcoming difficulties and highlighting resources. I am a Black African woman who works with intersectionality and embraces cross –cultural work.

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As a family therapist I work from the premise that a problem lies within the family as a whole, rather than in a single person in the family unit. This means that I see problems as emanating from relationships and interactional patterns. Family therapy does not mean that the whole family needs to attend sessions all the time. As a family therapist, I can work with any part of your family unit. My training affords me the ability to work with individuals, but still hold in mind the family relationships that are important or are contributing towards you attending therapy. My approach to therapy is influenced by a sense of curiosity around the interconnected nature of human relationships. Human beings are relational beings. By being curious about one’s relationships and feelings of connectedness, or lack of, I am able to understand the context within which my client’s tensions, challenges or struggles come from. This allows me to understand behaviour in context and helps me to separate the person from the problem. By attending to the problem in this way, I create a space where my client can visualize themselves in a new context where they are not the problem. This lens affords me the ability to be person centred and culturally sensitive. As a therapist, I am aware that I am not objective but very subjective. This is because I bring my multiple selves into the room. This does not mean that I am emotionally unwell, it means that I am aware that my gendered self; my racialized self; my cultured self only to name a few will have an impact on how I understand and make sense of my client’s challenges. This way of working enables me to provide, co –create a space in which we can together, explore and talk together about difficult issues and work towards sustainable change. The difference that makes the difference.

Membership: I am an accredited member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) BAATN (The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network). AFT (Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice). I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure therein. I have a degree in Psychosocial studies (BA) Hons, postgraduate Diploma in Person Centred, Diploma in Social Work and a Certified Life Coach and Professional Public Speaker. I am a member of HIV Psychosocial Society and activist who continues to promote HIV Awareness and ending Stigma.

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  • Family Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Narrative
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