Simon Holland-Brown

Integrative Counsellor and Therapist

BSc Hons | MSc | Pg.Dip | Dip.Couns

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Therapy is a process that only works when you feel completely at ease with your therapist. Once you feel that relationship works, the possibilities are endless. My aim is not just to help you confront the immediate challenge or fear that has led you to seek therapy, but to help you understand and grow. Ultimately, I want to help you facilitate lasting change. So please contact me any time to say hello. There’s no obligation or fee to chat. We can decide whether to explore the possibility of a first meeting – be it in person, online, or over the phone. I am trained in a variety of approaches and my role is to adapt them to you, your relationships, your background and your experience. My first job is simply to listen. What I can promise is that I will never judge. Mine is an open space in which I celebrate diversity and difference. Our relationship will be unique. And you can introduce me to parts of yourself that may be hidden or that you may find embarrassing or unacceptable. I look forward to hearing from you.

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My job is, of course, to help you. But my training means I use a number of theoretical approaches. Please don’t feel you need to understand these because it’s my responsibility to translate them into aiding our work together. ​Person-centred - focusing on you, my client, as the centre of your own growth. Psychodynamic - how our early life experiences influence our relationships. Body in psychotherapy - focusing on our bodies as the physical basis of emotion, experience, growth and change. This includes learnings from neuroscience and attachment studies. Existential - a philosophical approach focusing on the human condition as a whole. Transpersonal - our experience beyond the material world, including the impact of the social and political environment on our relationships. I have undertaken additional training in bereavement, online therapy, boarding school syndrome, working with shame and group work facilitation. I practice yoga and have a committed meditation practice, both of which complement and support my therapeutic work with clients. ​Please let me know if you’d like more detail about my training or approach.

It’s so important that you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable developing a relationship. But it’s also crucial that they have the background and qualifications enabling them to offer you the very best support. So here’s my (very brief) story: ​I wasn’t always a counsellor. I pursued a different career and tried different things. But even when I wasn’t working as a professional therapist, I was volunteering and helping vulnerable people suffering from a range of physical and mental health issues. ​Over time I realised how much more rewarding I found this voluntary work than my career. So I made the decision to tread a new path. Since 2018 I have been counselling clients within an NHS funded service in Wandsworth. I trained as an integrative counsellor at The Minster Centre in London. I am a registered member of the BACP and comply with their ethical framework.

Type of Therapy
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Existential
  • Integrative
  • Mindfulness
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered)
  • Transpersonal Psychology
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