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The Zenni Electrostimulation Method

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Health and wellbeing have been my life’s passion, since I was a little girl. By the age of 10 I had undergone three major surgeries and survived against all odds. Later, having suffered still more with some chronic health conditions – Western medicine seemed to offer little hope of a cure - I decided to search for an alternative and more holistic solution to my problems. It took 20 years to find, but I have finally succeeded! After experiencing the Zenni Method, I immediately began to see rapid changes for the better in my chronic conditions, so much so that I felt compelled to investigate further, finally deciding that I needed to introduce the Zenni Method to a wider, European audience.

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- thorough consultation with a client - holistic approach to chronic health conditions - tackling chronic health conditions on three levels: physical, mental & emotional and chemical.

I was trained by the 80-year-old inventor of this phenomenal method, gained my qualification and practiced under his supervision at one of his clinics, which have been operating for three decades. Subsequently, I have gained many clients in the UK, who suffer from a variety of chronic health conditions such as: asthma, allergies, long Covid, various thyroid issues, prostate problems, Parkinson, joint problems sciatica, bulging discs, bunions, spur and many others. By utilising this unique and non-invasive method of electrostimulation, countless of them have been helped. It uses weak diadynamic and galvanic currents that are delivered to the human body through electrodes. Various scientific publications highlight the beneficial effects of the currents on various chronic health conditions such as Parkinson, cerebral palsy, poststroke issues, musculoskeletal problems and many others. It has already been used on hundreds of people in Australia, Poland, Canada, the USA and other countries over the last 30 years. If you suffer from a chronic health condition and are looking for a new approach to enjoying better health, then get in touch.

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